Stringed Instruments

  • Flat Top Mandolins

    This flat top model in the “American style” is loud and powerful despite its average size. The sound is clear, focussed and precise with a subtle ring and will stand out in any Session or concert setting.

    Scale length:366mm 14 3/8”

    The wider body of this mandolin gives it a more profound bass and warmer sound. It was designed more with the Irish session in mind, an instrument that can be worked and played hard.

    Scale length: 366 mm 14 3/8”


    Ten string mandolin

    The Addition of the lower course , Tuned to C or D , opens up a whole new set of possibilities, be it chords , second parts or transposition. In order to accommodate the lower strings , the instrument has a larger body and a longer scale length but the extended range is well worth stretching your fingers this little bit further.

    Scale length: 390mm 15 3/8”


    Carved top and back mandolin

    Available with 8 and 10 strings.

    The body is larger than that of the standard Gibson mandolin which gives it a richer tone with a subtle, transparent ring. A f-model version is curently under development.


    The octave mandolin/mandola

    Carved top / flat back

    This instrument is designed with musicians in mind who tend to play more melody than accompliment. With its smaller body and shorter scale length it is an altogether more compact instrument than the bouzouki but still offers plenty of volume to play chords.

    Scale length: 540mm 21 1/4”



    What I am aiming at with my instruments is precision, projection with a wide dynamic range and a clear sustain. The longer scale length and larger body give the instrument the extra richness and sonority.

    The carved top sound tends to favour the mid range to the detriment of the bass, though it makes up with superior projection and a more focused and transpatrent sound quality to a flat top equivalent.

    Scale length: 650mm 25 9/16”



    carved top

    I offer citterns, or ten string instruments, in almost any size, and tuning. From ten-string mandolin to the large ten-string bouzouki.

    Scale length: 390mm – 660mm 15 3/8” - 26”



    A German speciality popular in the early 20th cerntury The most distinct feature is the single bass string and commonly tuned to chord CGceg or GDgbd


    Scale length: 70mm 18 1/2”



    The body size lies some where between a Jumbo and an OM with a warm rounded sound,suitable for plectrum and fingerstyle alike. A bit more depth in the ribs than the stadard OM helps the bottom end and open tuning.